Progress with the times and see the moves play out in front of you​​

Using X's and O's you can illustrate player movement in a range of sports and activities so that you are the most prepared team on the field
More time for you
With the Ease and speed of using X's and O's you will have more time to focus on other aspects of your game as a coach or player.
  1. Suitable for all levels
    From juniors through to senior levels, amateur to professional. X's and O's can be used to illustrate scenarios that will arise in a game at all levels.
  2. Visual Learning
    Almost 2/3 of the population are visual learners. Seeing the plays come to life will allow for faster learning amongst the group and more time as a team to progress.
  3. Versatile
    Whether preparing a game plan, working on a halftime strategy, demonstrating a training drill, or creating a new play; X's and O's will make it easy and quick for a range of team sports.
  4. Connect
    Don't wait until you are together as a team to discuss ideas. With X's and O's you can communicate with your team and discuss the moves and patterns from their own devices at any stage with new discussion forums for each play.